About our Rainbow Roses

Our Blue Roses arrive in from a grower in Holland. They are as fresh as normal roses, usually 60-80cm in length. They are dyed during the growing process turning them from White Roses to the beautiful looking Blue Roses. They are injected into the bottom of the stem when the roses are budding so they form perfectly naturally but are the bright Blue Rose you see all over this site. The leaves will take in the dye so they aren’t as green as normal. The rose still opens the same to other roses and they bloom for the same amount of time as other rose varieties. They can last a lot longer in most cases if the water is changed regularly and the flower food is used. Being kept in a place out of direct sunlight, away from radiators, computers and TV’s will help them last longer. We usually send out our Blue roses in a green floral foam, this is used to hold water in without it leaking everywhere. this is usually hidden by all the gift wrapping and will keep the roses fresh for transport and usually a couple of days after. We do recommend topping it up daily if its left in the foam longer than 48Hours. We do advise to re cutting the stems if they are removed form the packaging and being put into a vase. If the item is an aqua Hand Tied we recommend pouring water mixed with the flower food directly into the flowers so it trickles down into the bottom of the arrangement creating the water bubble at the bottom.

Blue roses are often portrayed in literature and art as a symbol of love and prosperity. Though not natural they are seen by many people in different countries and religions as a truly unusual and special Rose. We have been selling these roses for the last 10 Years and have sold thousands through our flower shops. How do you make Blue roses is a very common search term and we hope we have explained it for you as best we could! 

More information on Blue Roses by Wikipedia:  Blue Roses Wikipedia